Giving Season - time to celebrate compassion and generosity!! image

Giving Season - time to celebrate compassion and generosity!!

Please make a donation today to provide medical services to the vulnerable.

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Numerous local low-income immigrant families don't have a medical home or a doctor, to visit to talk about their aches and healthcare needs.They face many competing family priorities that need attention, and not enough resources to cover all; sometimes, visiting a doctor occurs until the pain is too great to bear, or an emergent physical limitation prevents the family breadwinners from continuing working. Your generous donation will help change that!

A patient we'll call 'Margarita' came to our clinic seeking a medical consultation; she had been suffering from headaches and back pain. Our team of clinicians not only diagnosed and treated 'Margarita's current ailment, but also order all the needed cancer screenings. It turned out that 'Margarita' had also breast cancer in its early stages. Fortunately, the cancer was promptly detected and appropriately treated. 'Margarita' was supported in the coordination of her care by a Proyecto's patient navigator; This is a success story we want to repeat over and over again; you can help us do this by donating today!